Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn About Gun Safety

There are two things that have been constantly most talked about throughout our history – God and Guns.

We will not talk about God as someone else is probably doing it already right now.

There is something about guns that we all should know even if we don’t own a gun. You might ask why?

Mainly because gathering knowledge has been the ultimate pursuit of mankind. Knowledge blended with precision has a tendency to catapult eloquent remedies for even the gravest of ailments.

I have come to the realization that a lot of gun safety rules should be common sense to most people; this is often not the case!

I will touch on some of the reasons due to which knowing gun safety rules is important and in no order.

By no means is this list meant to be all inclusive, and I encourage you to use this blog post as just one resource on your quest to becoming more aware and enlightened.

On this note I am giving you 10 reasons about why you should learn about gun safety, even if you do not own a gun

1. To protect your children/family from potential accidents

Having a gun can be more of a necessary evil but the precautions can never be sidelined when you have children at home who seeks the world with curiosity.

Young kids do not know the dangers that come with keeping a gun. They just see their heroes in the movies shooting bad people and restoring order in the world.

Your kid may not have handled a gun before and probably does not know the difference between a weapon that is loaded and one that is not. If you have a gun at home then educating your children can be a safer bet than refraining them to go to a particular area of the house.

2. You may see or come in contact with a firearm

Every third person in America owns a gun. Going by this ratio we can say that sooner or later you will likely cross paths with someone who either owns a gun or has knowledge about it. Why lose the opportunity to being the knowledgeable one?

3. Raise awareness for the people around you

There have been many instances where the damage is done without any actual intent and because of the sheer lack of awareness about handling a gun.

This makes raising the awareness about gun handling a frontrunner in this crusade.

4. Rules you learn can be implemented right away

When dealing with guns, there is a set of basic protocols that need to be followed and we would be more than okay if we just go by it every time we come in contact with a gun or someone in possession of a gun.

The best part is that whatever we learn can be implemented right away at the drop of a dime or in this case a bullet.

5. Education is important

Education is a weapon whose effect depends on the one who holds it, and towards whom it is aimed. These lines very aptly sum up the importance of an aware and enlightened society.

Every skill has a technique and shooting is no different.

It always comes down to the fundamentals, which can differentiate an expert from a novice.

6. You will learn the don’ts and the do’s as well

Knowing how to properly handle a gun is a double-edged sword.

By acquiring the knowledge, we have access to all the do’s and don’ts related to gun handling, which can really prove to be instrumental when faced with spontaneous situations.

For instance, you are strolling through your neighborhood and you see your neighbor pointing their gun towards a house or with their finger on the trigger before they’re ready to shoot. Your responsible instinct would be to show them the correct way.

In that way you have not only helped your neighbor but also the people around as it always boils down to minding the surroundings.

7. Easier to spot a handling error

Stance and posture play a role in handing of firearms. This also gives us the edge over a person who owns a piece but is unable to understand the tricks and nuances of weapon handling.

There are all kinds of people out there who like to give other advice on what to do and what not to do. This is a another good reason to know how to handle firearms.

8. The rising number of people with guns

This world can sometimes be a dangerous place so most people are looking at ways to stay safe. This is where insecurities of adversities creep in. Due to this halo effect there has been a considerable rise in the number of firearm buyers across the globe and in particular America.

9. Different guns operate differently

Like every lock has its key, every gun is different in operation. Handling a pistol is different from handling a rifle or shotgun. Even with these differences the general safety rules apply to all guns.

The more you learn, the more you are better equipped to handle wide variety of variables when the objects in discussion are firearms.

10. You want to always be in control when dealing with the firearms

Knowledge is power, period. If you have the basic info, dos, and don’ts all figured out then you will always be in control of your dealings with firearms.

Handling a weapon is no joke as there are always lives at stake that may or may not get affected by its usage.

Having a complete wits end is not the ideal condition to have when we talk about firearms.

A more aware mind, is a better equipped mind, and a better equipped mind is always the one which is in control.

These reasons are some of the prominent ones which make having gun awareness a must.

Final words…

Even though you may not own a gun, or might even be against them, you’ll need to think twice before you refuse to learn about gun safety.

Take a few lessons, learn some things, because gun safety will always come in handy.

Guest Post by George

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